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The St. Anne's School Experience

We follow the guiding principles of Episcopal education – valuing intellectual discipline, reason and wonder; governing oneself; living in community; and preparing for a life of purpose.

We believe students are capable and strong, bringing to their learning unique attributes, natural curiosity, and great promise.

We challenge students to know themselves as learners and develop the skills needed for reflective, critical thinking while helping foster the resilience needed to face failure and adversity.

We create an environment where students feel known and included.

We encourage students to take the intellectual risks required for academic and personal success and help them pursue focused passions that inspire lifelong learning.

We reward educators who are experts in their field and who bring a passion for research-based teaching and reflective learning. 

We understand and foster the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development of our students. 

We promote the exchange of ideas between parents and teachers in order to build a tightly knit community that cultivates the unique gifts of each child.

The St. Anne’s School experience reflects our purpose as an Episcopal school and leaves an indelible mark on each student. Our greatest hope is for our graduates to live productive, full lives; find joy in their unique gifts and accomplishments; and make meaningful contributions to their world.

St. Anne's Students At A Worship Service