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Why Choose a Preschool through Eighth Grade Education

St. Anne’s School of Annapolis understands the needs of children in Preschool through Eighth Grade and specializes in the educational and social needs of children at those ages. Here are some of the benefits we recognize in a Preschool through Eighth Grade school.

  • St. Anne’s School teachers specialize in Early Childhood, Lower School and Middle School education. Classrooms are arranged and schedules are designed based on ways children of these ages learn best. St. Anne’s School of Annapolis Early Childhood Program has been inspired by the educational approach of the renowned preschool programs in Reggio Emilia, Italy, named by Newsweek Magazine "one of the ten best school systems in the world." Our Reggio-inspired education draws from the interests, strengths and capabilities of the young child.
  • Children need recognition. In elementary years at St. Anne’s School, children’s academic strengths, interests and learning styles are developed. They discover themselves as learners, friends and community contributors. They become comfortable taking academic risks, knowing that have teachers who support and encourage their efforts.
  •  Our focus on community means every person is important and every voice is heard.  Children are well known by their peers, teachers, administrators and staff.
  • Through our Buddy Program, students forge friendships across grade levels, enhancing the sense of community so important at St. Anne’s School. 
  • Middle School students are called upon to make meaningful contributions to the school and the community. They develop leadership skills and learn to take more responsibilities as they grow. They are not “in the middle” between elementary and high school. 
  • Eighth Grade students are leaders at St. Anne’s School of Annapolis. They have developed with a clear sense of self and the confidence to embrace the opportunities and challenges of high school. By the time a child reaches Eighth Grade, the best match for high school will be easier to identify. Children then can have meaningful input with their families in the high school decision process. Teachers and staff who really know their students assist with high school placement and transition.
  • Children often need a change. Our students are ready for that high school transition. They leave together, offering support to each other. They are well prepared to move into a new environment and establish new friendships. We believe it is a transition that will prepare them for their future transition to college.
  • Our students, who grow within our community, maintain close friendships long after graduation. We maintain an active alumni program to continue that support system and maintain the friendships built at St. Anne’s School.
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