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Why Choose an Episcopal School


St. Anne’s School of Annapolis values its Episcopal identity through its mission and core values. Episcopal education has traditionally been far-reaching, preparing an individual in many ways – from the intellect to social skill to the building of souls. St. Anne’s School of Annapolis follows the guiding principles of Episcopal education – valuing intellectual discipline, reason and wonder; governing oneself; living in community; and preparing for a life of purpose. We invite you to watch the video to the right to hear The Right Reverend Eugene Sutton, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, remark on the characteristics of Episcopal education.

  • An Episcopal education isn’t just for Episcopalians. The Episcopal Church prides itself on openness and flexibility and that is an important component of our educational program. By linking Episcopal values to a broad religious context, St. Anne’s School nurtures all students in their own religious traditions.
  • At St. Anne’s School of Annapolis, inquiry is a way of learning. We encourage children to think for themselves. Our inquiry-centered and integrated academic program provides the framework for making connections, examining multiple perspectives, challenging assumptions and learning how to reason.
  • We are committed to teaching students -- and our entire school community -- how to live and learn among people of diverse age, gender, ability, sexual orientation, race, religion, and socio-economic status.  We help children respect themselves and others in the world. We actively seek families of all faiths and backgrounds.  Multiple perspectives, multicultural themes, and issues of equity and justice are incorporated into the curriculum. 
  • We believe that everyone should use their own gifts to help others. Children contribute to our school and the community in numerous ways. They participate in morning meeting, direct chapel and select and follow through with service projects. All students have an opportunity to explore their own talents and use those developing talents to help others.
  •  We are also committed to individual responsibility and personal growth.  We help children learn how to work through conflicts in ways that promote greater understanding and leave each person’s dignity intact.  As they grow at St. Anne’s School, children are expected to demonstrate increasing levels of independence, self-awareness and responsibility.
  • Students, faculty and staff attend chapel each week. Families in our school community are always welcome at our services. St. Anne’s Head of School is the spiritual leader of our school and is actively engaged in our religious educational program. Our faculty and staff represent diverse spiritual backgrounds but are all committed to the role of community in education, in the Episcopal tradition.
  • St. Anne’s School of Annapolis was founded by St. Anne’s Church in Annapolis. Today the church and school are separate organizations, with separate governance, but still unite for activities throughout the year. This relationship provides wonderful opportunities for mutual support, program development, and service.
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