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Wendy Gray
St. Anne’s School of Annapolis
Years Teaching Overall: 23
Years Teaching at St. Anne’s School: 10

Currently teaching: Eighth Grade Science; Fourth Grade Science; Eighth Grade High School Preparation Seminar; also serves as the Director of Upper School Placement and works with Eighth Grade families to help navigate the high school application process (the Eighth Grade version of a college counselor)

Proudest teaching moment: “I always feel proud when a student connects science concepts or skills they learned in the classroom to the real world. Whether it is during another class or on a field trip—that is when learning has really happened! It also makes me, and my fellow science colleagues, feel proud when our alumni are surveyed and so many have majored in science and/or technology in college!”

Teaching Philosophy: “My philosophy about teaching science is that it is the students who are at the center of the action. I strive to act as a facilitator in the classroom by developing lessons and assessments that invite students to explore and learn scientific concepts and the processes of scientific thinking by appealing to a variety of different learning styles. While learning the concepts of science is certainly important, I also believe developing the skills needed to think critically and creatively about problems, collaborate with others, and effectively communicate information is what will prepare students for the future.”

Toughest challenge facing educators: “One challenge is helping students manage stress. It has been rewarding to work with my co-advisor and fellow colleagues to develop a curriculum that guides our Middle School students to consider topics regarding decision making and healthy choices. One idea we incorporated is the practice of mindfulness. Eighth grade students work regularly with a licensed yoga instructor (St. Anne’s School parent volunteer) who guides them in learning strategies and techniques for managing stress.”

"Mrs. Gray is extremely successful with the Upper School Placement role as she educates families about available upper school opportunities. She guides students and families through the search and application processes, emphasizing the students’ role, responsibility, and critical thinking. Mrs. Gray demonstrates the attributes of a life-long learner. She has sought out significant leadership roles as a member of the administration team and coordinated the 2014–2017 St. Anne’s School strategic planning efforts. She will be an integral part of the upcoming strategic plan process as the school embarks on the development of its next plan. In the classrooms, Mrs. Gray has initiated innovative science curriculum for Fourth-Eighth Grades. She has championed hands-on science experiences that solidify student learning. Whether her students are building prosthetic hands, creating boats out of cardboard, or building roller coasters out of recycled materials, her students are thoroughly engaged in their learning.”—Lisa Nagel, Head of School

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