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2017 Capstone Presentations

A hallmark of the Eighth Grade year is participation in the yearlong “Beliefs in Action Capstone Project,” which integrates Leadership and Ethics, Humanities, Art, and Service Learning. Each week we will feature Eighth Grade students and the Community Service component of their Capstone Project. Please join us for one or more Eighth Grade Capstone Presentations on Wednesday, May 31 at 8:30 a.m.

Name: Alex
Capstone Service: Alzheimer’s Organization

As part of his service for the Alzheimer’s Organization, Alex attended advocacy day where he talked with legislators and lobbied for the cause.  He also spoke with an individual working with Gov. Anthony Brown to encourage him to use more money from the budget to support Alzheimer’s research. Alex chose to work with this organization because his grandmother has Alzheimer’s Disease. He feels this is important work because it affects him personally and he has a strong commitment to advocate for something to which he is tied.

Name: Tiger
Capstone Service: Weems Creek Conservancy

Tiger developed a love for the water after living in Australia. For his service project, Tiger is able to enjoy working in the Bay, to do his part to keep it clean for all to enjoy.

Name: Naomi
Capstone Service: Sarah’s House

Naomi helps organize birthday parties for residents and provide supplies for the children’s center at Sarah’s House. On the school trip to Costa Rica, Naomi was struck by the large homeless population and committed to work toward alleviating poverty in her own community. Her experiences have taught her many life lessons, such as not taking things for granted and maintaining close relationships with family.

Name: Kennadi
Capstone Service: South River Federation

Kennadi supports the South River Federation by planting trees. She is interested in how pollution outside of the ocean leads to marine pollution, and wants to do her part in creating a cleaner world.

Name: Aidan
Capstone Service: Maritime Museum of Annapolis

After being inspired by exhibits at the Maritime Museum of Annapolis, Aidan applied to be and served as a counselor for their spring break camp, organizing engaging activities for campers. Because of his passion for the Bay and his love of nature, it was the perfect fit to work with campers in this capacity. Soon he will complete his research on invasive species in the United States, so working with an organization connected to the Bay was a perfect connection for him. 

Name: Richard
Capstone Service: Boy Scouts of America

Richard serves as a youth leader for the Boy Scouts of America for the First Baptist Church in Glen Arden. He teaches other scouts outdoor skills and leads as an example of how to be a positive, contributing member of society. Richard is deeply invested in Boy Scouts, choosing this service work to help teach children important life lessons, such as “the importance of being a gentleman, ethics, the importance of helping people in need, and that the most violent option isn’t always the best option.”

Name: Jill
Capstone Service: Eastport Elementary

At Eastport Elementary, Jill is a volunteer reading teacher. She is learning how best to assist students in the primary grades, to read and develop skills. Jill chose to support the reading development of children because she knows it is a skill children need to develop for use on a daily basis, to help them learn and receive information independently.

Name: Arin
Capstone Service: Lighthouse Shelter

Arin works as a pantry helper at the shelter, helping to sort food, serve bagged lunches, organize the career closet, from which she helps residents pick up clothing for job interviews. Arin was inspired to volunteer at the shelter after helping there previously as part of the Seventh Grade curriculum, and recalling how many people served by the organization are in need of help.

Name: Emma
Capstone Service: New Day

Emma helps those in need and raises money to support the homeless through her work at New Day, an organization that supports homelessness, through the Bethany Community Church. This experience helped raise Emma’s awareness of the number of homeless individuals in her community and the many ways in which they are in need of support.

Name: Ellie
Capstone Service: Operation Welcome Home Maryland

When service members disembark from their flights at BWI Airport, Ellie is there to offer snack bags, assist with luggage, and warmly welcome them home and thank them for their service. Ellie chose this work because she has many relatives that served in the military and it has had a strong impact on her life. She expresses that it is important to her to “show respect to service members as they defend our freedom and risk their own lives every day for ours.”

Name: Daia
Capstone Service: Last Chance Animal Rescue

Daia works for this organization via a local PetSmart in the kitten play room, helping to clean litter boxes and take cats out of their cages to provide them free time to play. Daia chose to work with this organization because she loves working with animals, has pets of her own, and wanted to help rescue animals from unhealthy situations.

Name: Rex
Capstone Service: Legas de Unidad

Rex supports Legas de Unidad, a foundation in Honduras that brings children to a safe environment to play sports after school to help keep them from getting into trouble. He was introduced to the organization via Facebook, which is currently the only way the foundation communicates their mission. Rex saw how happy the children are there and wanted to help the foundation expand their ability to help stabilize the environment for the children. To that end, Rex is developing a website to raise awareness and donations for the foundation, as well as collecting soccer equipment donations.

Name: Annabelle
Capstone Service: Tyler Heights School

At Tyler Heights, Annabelle works with students with Autism. In particular, she works with the students by using assistive technology, helping them communicate via one-on-one discussion and their computer. Annabelle chose this work as she knows children with Autism, enjoys working with them, and has appreciated learning about how their unique strengths and challenges impact their daily lives.

Name: Isabella
Capstone Service: Lighthouse Shelter

Isabella makes lunches for the homeless at the Lighthouse Shelter. Additionally, at her church, she served breakfast for the homeless through a winter relief program. Isabella chose this work because she “wanted to help people and we did this type of work at St. Anne’s School and I wanted to continue giving, even outside of what we did at school.”

Name: Mir
Capstone Service: National Food Bank

At the National Food Bank in Prince George’s County, Mir helped to clean fresh food donations, stock and organize canned food, and hand out contributions to people in need. Mir chose this work because she wanted to help make it easier for families in need to get food to support their families. It made Mir feel happy to see happy smiles on peoples’ faces as she handed out the food.

Name: Donovan
Capstone Service: Soccer Without Borders

Donovan is working with Soccer Without Borders. Donovan chose this organization because he was looking for community service connected to athletics. Donovan worked with refugees by playing soccer with them to teach them the English language. Donovan wants the individuals connected to this organization to feel at home in our country, so he developed a fundraiser at a trampoline park to collect donations of soccer equipment. The donations for equipment raised from the fundraiser will go toward supporting the work of Soccer Without Borders.

Name: Emily
Capstone Service: Church of God

Emily is working at the Church of God in Lothian teaching children different art styles and ways to express their beliefs through art. Emily explains, “We are drawing something that shows how God’s light is in their life and how their life represents God.” Emily chose this service work as her passion is art and she desires to praise God in whatever she does and show others how she lives her life in God’s eyes.

Name: Orion
Capstone Service: Showing Up for Racial Justice

Orion is working with Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), a social justice organization, at his church, the Unitarian Universalists Church of Annapolis. Orion is helping to run the sound system at organization meetings so that all in attendance can hear and participate in the meeting. Orion chose this work as he likes the idea of equality, and his mother has been working with SURJ for many years and he wanted to get involved.

Name: Cameron
Capstone Service: Wardour Improvement Association and William Paca Garden

Cameron is serving in his neighborhood by assisting with a community clean up. He is working to clean up trash and make sure the community looks nice. He chose this work to express how important it is to him to keep the world healthy. This work exemplifies that just a basic step is achievable by anyone. It does not require equipment or extra skill; “You can be a normal person and do your part to make sure the world is a cleaner place.”

Name: Ben
Capstone Service: First Baptist Church of Glen Arden

Ben volunteered at First Baptist Church of Glen Arden. His service worked focused on a program to feed the hungry and feed the family. Ben delivered lunches to various parts of Washington D.C. and on another occasion, he delivered boxes to homes and prayed with the families. Ben chose this type of work because he loves God and feels like he has a good connection with God. Ben feels this is the type of work he’s supposed to do because of his connection with God.  

Name: Abria
Capstone Service: St. Anne’s School of Annapolis After Care Program

Abria is working at St. Anne’s School of Annapolis, in the After Care program, to help younger children with their homework and their reading development. Abria chose this service work to help provide others a similar experience to hers, growing up with supportive parents. She realizes that not all children have parents to help. Serving has taught Abria a different perspective about life and the world. “When I’m helping others, everything else around me goes away, and it feels like I’m doing something for a good reason,” explains Abria.

Name: Rex
Capstone Service: Legas de Unidad

Rex is working in support of Legas de Unidad, a foundation in Honduras that brings children to a safe environment to play sports after school to help keep them from getting into trouble. Rex was introduced to the organization via Facebook, which is currently the only way the foundation communicates their mission. Rex saw how happy the children were there and wanted to help the foundation progress in their ability to help stabilize those children and expand more. To that end, Rex is developing a website in order to raise awareness and donations for the foundation, as well as collecting donations of soccer equipment.

Name: Ian
Capstone Service: Kennedy Recreation Center

Ian is serving with the Kennedy Recreation Center. He is working as a mentor after school to offer companionship and help a student with his homework. Ian chose this service work because he went to a similar recreation center when he was younger, and felt as though he had a good connection there. It is also important to him to support a student’s education and help him grow as a student.

Name: Jaylah
Capstone Service: Riva Terrace

Jaylah is working with Riva Terrace, providing service by assisting with meals and spending time with their residents. Jaylah chose this work because of her relationship with her Great Grandmother. Jaylah’s Great Grandmother lives with her Grandmother, and Jaylah has experienced first-hand how having conversations with her elders helps them, as well as feels nice.

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