Where Success Starts
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How We Learn

Our goal at St. Anne’s School of Annapolis is to educate the whole student – not only the student’s intellect, but also his or her social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Our curriculum offers challenging academics while encouraging the resiliency and determination needed to develop self-discipline, respect, responsibility, leadership and life skills that optimize intellectual and ethical growth.

At every grade level – from our Early Childhood Program to our Middle School – our students are thriving in learning environments inspired by world-renowned educational philosophies. Delivered by extraordinary educators in small classroom settings, our school has become a model for integrating educational best practices with innovative learning structures that emphasize relationships between students and the world in which they live.  

Reggio Emilia

St. Anne’s School teachers are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. This philosophy, developed by the internationally renowned schools in the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy, closely matches the school’s mission and belief that children come to us with great strength, unlimited potential and impassioned curiosity. At St. Anne’s School, our Reggio Emilia approach is supported by a low student/teacher ratio, close collaboration among administrators and teachers, and careful attention to the physical environment.

Project Approach

Our Lower School’s Project Approach is centered on an in-depth study of a topic. This fundamental approach to teaching and learning is thoughtful, complex and organized. Individual children, groups of children or an entire class may carry out the study and present their findings in a variety of ways.The teacher guides the exploration, inviting students to discuss their previous experiences with a topic and to share their questions and interests on the subject. Our low student/teacher ratio and small class size encourage participation, exploration and collaboration.

Experiential Learning

While the idea that one learns from experience is not new, many schools are now just embracing what Aristotle recognized long ago:  "For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." St. Anne’s School embraces Experiential Learning by emphasizing exploratory learning, critical thinking and problem solving. Middle School students at St. Anne’s School of Annapolis are presented with studies and assignments that are increasingly challenging and intellectually stimulating. Our Advisory, Life Skills and Service Learning programs build self-discipline, respect, responsibility, leadership skills, life skills and service learning.