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Teacher Story - Valerie Devaris

Middle School Math Teacher
M.Ed., Loyola College
B.S., University of Maryland

What do you love most about St. Anne’s School? There are many things that I love about St. Anne's School but the three key items that come to mind are community, service learning and social curriculum. The community of St. Anne's School consists of students that are a delight to work with, parents that are true partners in the educational process and the best staff/faculty. We work together as a community and honestly care about one another, in and outside of the classroom, such as when one is dealing with an illness. The service learning at St. Anne's School is special. The students not only learn about service within their own community but also service to others by such things as helping clean up tributaries to the Bay and visiting nursing homes. The social curriculum aspect of the school is special. The school's social curriculum teaches the students how to respectfully work with others and deal with challenges.

Why do you like teaching at St. Anne’s School? I love the creative curriculum. The program teaches through the investigative process. In math you learn to think like a mathematician and not just remember facts.

What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students? I think that one of my talents that I bring to my classroom is my creative nature. I try to make my lessons creative and engaging. I sometimes approach problems from a unique perspective (I think outside of the "box"). This approach allows the students to realize that there may be more than one way to approach a problem which is a skill that can be applied to math or other areas of life.

What sets St. Anne’s School students apart from other students? St. Anne's School students are global thinkers. The program at St. Anne's School encourages students to look beyond their community. The curriculum teaches students to be good presenters through such activities as their self-selected research to the many presentations they do in Middle School.

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