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Payment Plans and E-Payment Option

A 10 percent deposit is due at the time the enrollment contract with St. Anne’s School of Annapolis is completed. You may choose to pay the balance on an annual basis (one lump payment in May), semi-annually (two equal payments in May and October), or in nine equal monthly installments (May – January). A billing fee applies when choosing the semi-annual or monthly installment option.

St. Anne’s School is pleased to offer the convenience of electronic payments with FACTS e-Cashier by FACTS Management Company. FACTS enables you to make monthly tuition payments through automatic bank payments from your Checking or Savings account (U.S. bank accounts only).

The nonrefundable FACTS Enrollment Fee to budget payment(s) through FACTS is $41.00 for 3-12 Payments. This nonrefundable FACTS Enrollment Fee will be automatically processed within 14 days of the agreement being completed by the institution and posted to the FACTS system. If you are enrolling in the FACTS Peace of Mind (POM) Benefit, the $12.00 nonrefundable POM Fee will be automatically added to your FACTS Enrollment Fee. The nonrefundable FACTS Enrollment Fee is based upon the number of payments selected for each FACTS contract period. If the entire balance due is not paid within the contract period or twelve (12) months, whichever period is shorter, an agreement is in renewal. On the renewal date of such an agreement, FACTS may assess a new FACTS Enrollment Fee. If any nonrefundable enrollment fees are returned, they will be reattempted. Fees are subject to change in future years.

To learn more about FACTS, please visit the St. Anne's School FACTS page