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Financial Aid 2018-2019

Application Information for New and Returning Families

Applications for financial aid for the 2018-2019 school year may be completed online through School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS). If you have any questions about the financial aid process, please contact Suzannah Hopkins, Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid at 410.263.8650, ext. 218.

Step 1: Complete Your Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS)  -  New Families
Due by January 15 or at time of admissions application for prospective families; returning families should complete by December 15.

Visit the School and Student Service for Financial Aid website (SSS) by clicking here.  Complete the PFS using the St. Anne’s School of Annapolis code: 6315. Submit your PFS to the School and Student Service for Financial Aid.

Please note: When completing your PFS, remember to include financial data for all parents and stepparents or guardians in all households in which the student resides.

Step 2: Submit your 2016 W2, 2016 Federal Tax Return, supporting worksheets, and addendums.

Due at time of admissions application, January 15.

Step 3: Submit a Copy of Your 2017 Federal Tax Return - New & Returning Families
Due April 15, 2018. If you are applying after April 15, submit at time of application.

Submit a copy of your prior year’s Federal Income Tax Return to the St. Anne’s School Financial Aid Office. If you are applying for financial aid after April 15, please submit this information at the time of your admissions application.

Please note: If you estimated your income when completing the PFS, and there is a discrepancy between this estimate and the actual data on your income tax return, the Financial Aid Committee may make an adjustment to any financial aid award previously granted for the 2018-2019 academic year.