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Alumni Story - Elisa

St. Anne's School Class of 2008
Archbishop Spalding Class of 2012
Johns Hopkins University Class of 2016

What is your major in college? Behavioral Biology

Do you have any special news or awards that you want to share? I was just accepted into the veterinary school at Colorado State, University of Pennsylvania, and Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medecine.

From your own experiences, why do you believe it was important for you to attend St. Anne’s School? It prepared me well for the next step academically, high school, but also taught me basic skills for building friendships and dealing with ethical situations.

In what ways did St. Anne’s School prepare you for high school, college and life? Our small morning meetings taught social skills and moral skills and classes/the workload prepared me for high school.

We continue to accept applications at select grade levels. For more information or to schedule a tour call 410-263-8650 ext. 218 or email Alyssa Jahn, Director of Admissions and Outreach.